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detail from panel painting ‘the journey made’ 2017

This painting, currently on display in the Mappa Mundi exhibition of Hereford Cathedral, is about the creative act of making a reflective journey. Here, a journey of the imagination considers the restorative nature of the landscape. I am interested in showing routes taken as living things. The pathways are not so much worn or laid with tarmac or paved but instead are like plants; green, often with foliage springing, curling, stretching and turning from place to place.

Painted Reflective Books

I’ve begun naming my sketchbooks painted books, as they have now become finished pictures in Atlas form. The Hereford Mappa Mundi has been described as like a book but where you can see all the information from all the pages at once. My books are inspired by ideas of visual self actualisation and therapeutic ideas about the inner and imagined landscape. Two painted books of mine are on display the Hereford Cathedral’s ‘Mapping Inspirations’ exhibition. I’ve begun two more to replace them. One, in landscape format to be carried from place to place, and one which is to be a Commonplace Book. Always about reflection as an overarching theme, now the books are for creating pages for contemplation.