Reflective Mapping of the Dream Landscape


All the paintings and works on paper, on display here, are pieces that are in my studio currently. The idea of this website is to log my building blocks towards an imaginary future exhibition. 

All exhibitions are a sum of more than their individual pieces, themes emerge, new language is created to join more familiar images and ideas that accompany the artist through decades. I’d like to show something of the happiness that takes place in the building up of a body of work, the amount of drawing that goes into a painting and the different ways the drawings happen. For me, painting is a mapping activity, paradoxically of things that cannot be mapped, like an emotion in response to the landscape or, as often, the discovery in a new dream 

Routes are like plants; green, often with foliage springing, curling, stretching and turning from place to place.

Painted Reflective Books

These painted Imaginary Atlas books, are, when possible, exhibited alongside the paintings.

On display in the Mappa Mundi Exhibition, Hereford Cathedral