Paintings are Journeys – textured pathways

Paintings are a source for looking. They meet you halfway. Like a dream narrative, their light can be unusual. I love painting figures, often winged figures, looking at things, looking into the landscape so that the viewer, by seeing them, could imagine what they could see and can further reflect on the colour combinations, stories, symbolism that can be found. 

Andrea, 10th May 2019

“Andrea’s work is heavily influenced by medieval maps which sometimes showed the material and the spiritual world as part of the same document. So Andrea records and maps personal journeys, both physical and psychic through extraordinarily detailed paintings.”

Peter Stiles, The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington, Devon  2018

detail from panel painting ‘the journey made’ 2017

Routes are like plants; green, often with foliage springing, curling, stretching and turning from place to place.

Painted Reflective Books

These painted Imaginary Atlas books, are when possible, exhibited alongside the paintings.