At the boundary between drawing and painting, painting and printmaking, etching and watercolour – my pictures have a mapping way about them. I like images that can be seen in several different ways – water that can be a hillside, branches that can be pathways, the steady architecture of trees and the wonder of light that shines through them.

April 2017

The Future

Each picture could be a journey to see. I could make paths. The visual language could be created in sketchbooks. I have two that I’ve begun – one heavier and one small landscape one for the rucksack. They are reflective sketchbooks that are in order to find out how plants grow, patterns of growth that can be transferred to create roads, ways, places to move forward on and to progress along.

The image itself is a contained thing, framed by its edges making a held energy. So seeing into the future it is possible to see, to imagine the edges. The energy that is held within the imagined edges soon starts to come to life. There are the partly remembered dreams. There are thoughts about colours – a certain green, raw umber and colbalt violet. I absolutely love making paintings.

The Journey Made, oil on panel 2017

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