Circular Drawings 2020

Monday, drawing, ink on paper 2020
Monday, ink on paper, 2020

At the start of the lockdown I began six circular pen and ink drawings named after days of the week. They took more than a day each, usually more than three or four. They were a reflection on a much smaller sense of world. I remembered a portfolio of ‘Small Worlds’ prints by Kandinsky I’d seen on display in the Royal Academy in 1999 in an exhibition of his works on paper. I simply wanted to find new kinds of lines to carry forward into new paintings. I have returned to making circular paintings but I’d like to find new visual language. Beginning with lines, some are meandering, some are to do with water, connection and branches.

Tuesday, ink on paper, 2020
Wednesday, ink on paper, 2020
Thursday, ink on paper, 2020
Friday, ink on paper, 2020
Saturday, pen on paper, 2020
Star House, Pen and Acrylic on Paper, 30cm diameter